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The Federal Communications Commission’s Distracted Driving Information offers an extensive list of consumer education and outreach websites from different wireless and motor vehicle companies. publicizes organizations and events dedicated to ending distracted driving, provides support for victims, and shares their powerful stories.

SafeRoads4Teens provides statistics on teen driving, information on the campaign for graduated driver licensing, and ways to promote teen driving safety.

The Safe Texting Campaign offers information for parents and teens on how to install the Safe Texting App and sign the campaign’s Safe texting pledge. 

On the Road, Off the Phonebrought to you by CTIA and the National Security Council, offers you and your students tips and information on driving safely. 

Focus Driven is a site that provides support, community connections, heartbreaking personal stories, and information dedicated to raising awareness on the dangers of driving and using a cell phone.

The National Safety Council focuses on all aspects of safety and has a wealth of knowledge for keeping teens safe on the road.

In the Huffington Post article “Why Drivers Are Even More Dangerous Than You Thought, In One Chart,” the author breaks down and analyzes the data collected by the Harris Poll on dangerous driving habits in an easily accessible and shocking info-graphic. 

Texting While Driving Story—Reggie Shaw
Reggie Shaw, whose story is told in A Deadly Wandering: A Tale of Tragedy and Redemption in the Age of Attention by Matt Richtel, tells an audience about the day in 2006 that he killed two scientists as he texted while driving. Reggie is now perhaps the single most important advocate against distracted driving.

AT&T Texting While Driving PSA
In this poignant PSA from AT&T, victims of distracted driving talk about the meaningless texts that took human lives.

U.K. Texting While Driving PSA
This is by far the most popular and circulated PSA on texting while driving. Used in countless schools and featured on the Today Show, this video shows the brutal results of texting while behind the wheel.
Note: This video is very GRAPHIC. 

Texting and Driving Road Test
This funny video makes a serious point. Teens take a texting-while-driving road test. Nobody passes.

On the Road, Off the Phone
In this short introduction video, On the Road, Off the Phone illustrates their motto and the importance of reminding teens about the danger of texting and driving.

U Drive. U Text. U Pay.
This video demonstrates the danger of texting while driving and reminds teens that the law is in place not to punish, but to protect. 
Note: This video is GRAPHIC.

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